And The Journey Begins

Friday, August 27, 2004

Ladies' night at Momo's Posted by Hello

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Expect the Unexpected

Last night Robert and I went to see The Killers in concert. We were both pretty excited about the show as it was going to be our last concert together before I hit the road ... as well as this being one of our favorite bands! So here we are at the Forum -one of London's oldest and possibly coolest venues- getting excited for what's promising to be a great night. We'd checked my bag, gotten ourselves a few drinks and moved along the main floor to watch the back up band until the show started. The back up was made up of two guitarrists who played as well as Lenny Kravitz ... no joke.

So we're casually standing there, bobbing our heads as you do in a concert when all of a sudden one of the guitarrists throws a percussion instrument into the crowd. Unbeknownst to me, this projectile hits Robert square in the head. His initial reaction is: 'Did you see that? That thing just hit me in the head!!' So that's when I turn around. Of course ... me being the shorter one of the two, I didn't see a thing. But next thing I know is that blood is gushing down his forehead... Robert tries to blow it off, saying he's ok but as more and more blood kept pouring out, I insisted he go get some first aid. Now get this - as we approach the bouncer, he tries to kick Robert out of the venue, thinking he'd been involved in a fight, and of course we had to explain the story to him and then the manager and then the first aid nurse. And that's when we're told 'You've got to go to the hospital mate - I think you need stitches!' They call us a cab and Robert insists that I stay for the show...which I did in the end. There was no point in arguing as he wasn't going to give in.

I make my way upstairs ... steering clear of any other mishaps along the way. I buy myself a Red Stripe and The Killers come on. Song after song, the show just keeps getting better. Suddenly Robert comes up the stairs with a Jack and Coke in hand ... and glue in his hair. He walked just in time for our our favorite song looking cool and relaxed. Lucky for him, they managed to glue his wound, instead of giving him stitches. He missed half the show but was there for the best bit...

As we walked out of the venue the first aid nurse came over to check on Robert and give him a once over before we headed home. That's when the 'friendly' bouncer came to find us, stressing that the manager wanted to see us. He takes us into the back room and apologises profusely for the incident. He explains that the band is very sorry about what happened and would like to send him a gift in sympathy of what he endured that night (and for missing the show!)... All in all, I came out with a free t-shirt and Robert will shortly be receiving a special care package from the Killers themselves! Despite our 'adventure' the night ended well and the show was amazing!! I guess you should always expect the unexpected ... wherever you are.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Sailing down the Solent... Posted by Hello

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